We've put together some of the more common questions we get from our guests. Please see the list below. We may have an answer to your question already.

What is a Bed and Breakfast?

Bed and Breakfasts (BnBs) are sleeping accommodations provided in a Small Inn or Private Home that comes with a Breakfast. Since the establishment is small, service is very personal and deliberate. At Casa Marina, our staff to room ratio is 1:1. This ensures guests needs are responded to immediately. Another advantage of a BnB is the Food! We do not offer restaurant fare but Home Cooked Meals just like Mom made them.

Casa Marina is a Bed and Breakfast. We are not a Hotel and we do not pretend to be a Resort. As such, you can expect your service to be personal, responsive and genuine.

Is Casa Marina an AirBnB?

AirBnB is a term loosely associated to Vacation Rentals. Vacation Rentals are second homes that owners rent out on long- and short-term basis either wholly or partially. Many of those vacation rentals offer the space only with very limited service, if at all. Strictly speaking, AirBnB is the company that provides rental services for these homeowners. While Casa Marina uses the services of AirBnB as one of its Online Travel Agent (OTA), we are technically a Bed and Breakfast. Please see the definition of a Bed and Breakfast above.

Where is Casa Marina Located?

Casa Marina is located at:
Km 92 General Taino Street, National Highway
Pagsanjan, Laguna

You may reach us at:
+63.917.175.9427 | +6349.534.4571

How do we get to Casa Marina?

Its easy to get to Casa Marina, either by private or public transport. Here is a link to the ways and means.

How to get to Casa Marina

How do we get to Pagsanjan Falls?

There are two ways to get to Pagsanjan Falls. First, you take off from Cavinti, negotiating the mountain pass and climbing down a 45 degree ladder to get to the falls. Please note you would have to climb up that same ladder to go back. The entire trek is easy to moderate lasting about 2 hours to and from.

Second and undoubtedly more popular is the Pagsanjan River route. You take off from any of the boat landing stations in Pagsanjan, traverse the river in a 4 seater canoe experiencing the white-water rapids. The route is lined with many smaller falls and the Pagsanjan Gorge which forms the heart of the Pagsanjan Gorge National Park. This is a 1.5 hour boat ride (2 to 3 hours roundtrip).

The fees for the boat ride are paid directly to Boat Landing Station. There is no service charge. Gratuities or Tips are paid directly to the boatmen and It's customary to tip 10% or more for each boatman.

Casa Marina DOES NOT provide boat landing or boat service. This is performed by a separate service contractor. We do however hold all tourism personnel to a higher standard and are prepared to report erring personnel to the appropriate licensing organizations. 

What are the Waterfalls of Laguna?

There are too many known waterfalls in Laguna to enumerate. Here is a list of some of the more famous ones. Please note that we do not offer guided tours and this curated list is a DiY (Do it Yourself) activity.

What Activities can we do in Laguna?

To accurately respond, we need to borrow some lyrics from Sampaguita's Laguna.  As the song goes "Laguna ay isang larawan ng tunay na kaligayahan" (Laguna is a portrait of true happiness). True to form, there are many activities for everyone. 

Here is a curated list that we compiled: Good Times 

Please note that all activities are DiY (Do it Yourself). We do not provide tours but we can help plan your itinerary.

Do you allow Pets?

Sorry, while we love our furry friends, but some guests do have allergies. For that reason, we are implementing a NO Pet Policy.

Why don't you provide Toothbrush and Toothpaste?

There are several reasons for this. First, our research suggests that this amenity is not as popular as people think mainly because the quality of single use toothbrush and toothpaste are less than desirable. Plus, single use, throw aways are extremely harmful to the environment.

While we do have toothbrush and toothpaste available at the frontdesk, we strongly suggest you bring your own to reduce our impact on the environment.

Can we bring food?

We have a restaurant where you can order home cooked meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. That said, you may bring your own food but please note that we charge corkage for cooked and uncooked food items and alcoholic beverages. We provide a charcoal grill for your use or we may cook them for you for a small cooking fee.

We do not allow Beers and Guests cannot use our Kitchen facilities.

How do I reach you?

Thanks for asking! You may reach us at  +63.917.175.9427 | +6349.534.4571 |